Lotsa Flickr pics

Karla just scanned a bunch of pictures and we now have 3,361 photos on Flickr now!  Actually, we really have 6,824 total, but a bunch are marked as private.  It’s amazing how many people we know use the online services to just print or share some of their pictures and they don’t think about the value of archiving them.  Computers crash all the time and photos are lost.  Of course, you can backup your pictures to DVD, but how many people actually do that regularly.

Karla posted some of good photos of Jade

Plus, there are some great pics of us and friends from when we worked at the Olive Garden


3 thoughts on “Lotsa Flickr pics”

  1. Brian – first let me say, your blog is sweat! I tasted it and there is no sour here at all.

    Second, Gadzooks! That is a lot of pictures, not to mention changes in hair style.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Thanks p2!

    I think Karla’s planning to change some more of them to “public”… maybe you’ll get to see some of those well-guarded high school pics of Karla soon!

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