Google Checkout and eBay

Google Checkout

Last week, Google announced it’s Google Checkout service, direct competition to PayPal, and eBay has already banned it???  PayPal is really a good service, but it needs some good competition to improve.  Hopefully, there will be enough demand for Google Checkout (or some other competition) that will force eBay to loosen it’s grip on payment processing.  Google has added the ability to track all orders purchased using the Google Checkout service in one place.  So, you can use one simple web page instead of jumping between all of the different merchants.  I’m already happy with the way Gmail discovers tracking numbers in order confirmation pages, so I can’t wait to see how their Checkout service works.


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  1. I agree that PayPal is a good service, but they often behave as though they have a monopoly and I feel that there is no such thing on the Internet– at least not for long. So Google’s Checkout is welcome.

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