Smart Casual

Yesterday, in our management meeting, the topic of casual Friday was brought up again. First of all, I can’t define how the women in our office dress, but I assume its “business casual”. So, I can only speak on behalf of the guys. We probably don’t need to be dressed to the nines everyday, considering that we rarely have any customers in the office. The standard attire for men in our office is khackis and a dress shirt. So, I’m suggesting that we relax the dress code a bit and call it “Smart Casual” and allow some blue jeans now and then. It sounds like everyone agreed on “Casual Friday”, but everyone still hasn’t agreed on a “policy”, so we’ll see how it turns out. We are a business software company, so I don’t see our offices changing into the Googleplex, but this will probably be a good move. When you focus on being “professional” all the time, people tend to become less personal. In a small business, you have to keep it personal with your customers if you want to build great relationships with them.