High definition DVD confusion

I got into a quick discussion with a co-worker today about HD-DVD versus Blu-ray.  I’m not sure either format will gain too much popularity in the upcoming year, with the staggering price of the Blu-ray players and the mediocre upgrade of the HD-DVD player.  I noticed that Best Buy had a Blu-ray player for $999 and an HD-DVD player for $499.  The real problem is that most consumers don’t understand all of the technobabble and won’t understand the difference.  I think they will just buy the cheaper of the two, thinking that they’re both “high definition”.  The computer industry has added even more confusion when Dell announced that they are committed to Blu-ray and HP is supposedly going to support both standards.  However, Microsoft is adding HD-DVD support in Vista, so I’ll probably get an HD-DVD drive when I upgrade my Media Center to Vista.  Here are some good articles about the two different formats.

CNET HD-DVD / Blu-Ray guide

10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed