New blog? Maybe I’ll use it this time

Blogger was way too much of a pain to use and I'm still hearing Karla complain about formatting posts and other annoyances.  I'm hoping that WordPress will be easy enough to use that I don't have to spend anytime maintaining it.  The default themes are much better than what Blogger or TypePad had last year and hopefully I can modify it (somewhat) to be a little more personal in the future.

One thought on “New blog? Maybe I’ll use it this time”

  1. Great; I can see how this will pan out. You’re going to love WordPress and rant and rave about it. I’ll get caught up in it, and I’m going to have to switch from my home on Blogger to a new home on WordPress. You know how I hate to move. Gotta pack everything up, wrap the glasses and breakables in newspaper, label all the boxes. Then schlep everything to the new place and unpack. It takes months before everything’s set up where you want it and you can find your jammies. Thanks a lot.

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